Mathematics II

Course Description

The course covers lessons in Complex Integration, Contour Integration, Cauchy's Integral Theorem, Cauchy's Integral Formula, Application of Cauchy Integral Formula, Complex valued function on Real Domain, Improper Integral to Definite Integral, Complex function on Complex Domain. This course is part of Basic Courses in Sem1 & Sem2 of Engineering. Faculty Dr. Sunita Gakkhar

Prof. H.G. Sharma
Dr. Tanuja Srivastava IIT Roorkee. Courtesy: NPTEL visit

Course Objective

  1. Complex Integration
  2. Contour Integration
  3. Cauchy's Integral Theorem
  4. Cauchy's Integral Formula
  5. Application of Cauchy Integral Formula
  6. Zeros, Singularities and Poles
  7. Complex valued function on Real Domain
  8. Improper Integral to Definite Integral
  9. Complex function on Complex Domain

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