Civil - Modern Construction Materials

Course Description

The course will cover the fundamentals of materials science including the formation of chemical bonds, the properties of the states of matter, the development and the basic characteristics of the structure of materials, phase diagrams, concepts of rheology, mechanical behavior and simple failure models, deterministic and stochastic fracture mechanics, and the treatment of composites. The construction materials treated in the course will include bricks and stone, metals and alloys, wood and wood products, concrete and other cement-based materials, and asphalt. Faculty Dr. Ravindra Gettu IIT Madras Courtesy: NPTEL HRD

Course Objective

Module 1: Basics

  1. Prologue – Introduction to the course
  2. Science, Engineering and Technology of Materials

Module 2: Microstructure

  1. Atomic Bonding
  2. Structure of Solids
  3. Movement of Atoms
  4. Development of Microstructure

Module 3: Material Behaviour

  1. Surface Properties
  2. Response to Stress
  3. Failure Theories
  4. Fracture Mechanics
  5. Rheology
  6. Thermal Properties

Module 4: Structural Materials

  1. Review of Construction Materials and Criteria for Selection
  2. Wood and Wood Products
  3. Polymers
  4. Fibre Reinforced Polymers
  5. Metals
  6. Bituminous Materials
  7. Concrete
  8. Glass

Module 5: Non-structural materials, accessories and finishes

  1. Review of Non-structural Materials and Criteria for Selection
  2. Waterproofing materials
  3. Polymer Floor Finishes
  4. Paints
  5. Tiles
  6. Acoustic Treatment
  7. Dry walls
  8. Anchors

Module 6: Closure

  1. Environmental Concerns
  2. Social Perception of Construction Materials
  3. Closure

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