Basics of Numerology

Course Description

Numerology is an ancient study of numbers based on the date of birth and names enabling a person to understand the underlying characteristics, aptitudes and majorly the karmic learning which are a part of the soul plan. Numbers also have vibrations and numerology helps you to understand what your name vibrates or your date of birth. Your name creates a unique vibration in the cosmic Universe and it helps you to draw those specific vibrational energies towards you. Learning numerology will help you to understand what each number represents and what are the vibrations associated to this number.

Course Objective

  • Understanding the History of Numerology
  • Different methods used in Numerology
  • Calculating your Date of Birth
  • Karmic Debt Numbers
  • Alphabets and Numbers attached to it
  • Calculating the number of your name
  • Understanding the characteristics of the numbers
  • Finding your Life Path Number

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