Advanced Operations Research

Advanced Strength of Materials

Course Description

The course covers the following topics; analysis of stress, strain and material properties, problems in elasticity, failure criteria, bending of beams, torsion of prismatic bars, numerical method, application of energy methods, and plastic behavior of materials. The course will begin with a thorough explanation to solving mechanical problems, by presenting the theory of stress and strain.  These basics will be used to derive generalized elastic constitutive relations in materials with anisotropic and time-dependent properties.  Prediction of failure of materials will be covered in sections dealing with yielding, failure criteria, and fatigue.

Course Objective

Stress and Strains in 3-D – Cauchy formula, Principal Stress, hydrostatic stress, deviatoric stress, stress transformations, Mohr circle, octahedral shear stress, strain energy densities, etc.

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