Computational Fluid Dynamics

NOC:BioMEMS and Microsystems

Course Description

This course aims to provide introduction to a broad range of nano/bio devices used for various applications including bio, neuro, medical, and sensor applications. Rather than going in details of each devices, this course will provide a guide to major fields that are branches of nano/bio devices, such as microfluidics, molecular biology on a chip, cell-based chips for biotechnology, bioMEMS, and implantable microdevices.

Course Objective

This course covers topics on Introduction to BioMEMS and microfluidics,Important materials for fabrication of BioMEMS platforms,Design of ISE. Finding selectivity coefficient for a mixed ion system.,Introduction to Cell biology, Basic structure of DNA,Protein charging at different pH range, Amino acids, protein polymerization, Transcription , Translation,Micromixers: Design and  mixing principales,Etching techniques, evaporation and sputtering & Photolithography techniques.

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