design of machine elements

Dynamics of Machines

Course Description

In this course, We will learn about Dynamics of Rigid Bodies in Plane Motion, Dynamic Force Analysis of Machines, Spheric Motion of Symmetrical Bodies and Gyroscopic Effects in Machines, Dynamics of Rotating Bodies, Unbalance Effects and Balancing of Inertia Forces, Field Balancing and Balancing Machines, Dynamics of Reciprocating Machines with Single Slider, Unbalance in Single Cylinder Engine Mechanisms, Unbalance in Multicylinder Engines In-line, V-twin and Radial Engines, Balancing Techniques, Turning Moment Diagram for Engines and Speed Fluctuation, Power Smoothening by Flywheels, Speed Control By Governors, Dynamics of Governor Mechanisms, Vibration of Mechanical Systems, Types of Vibration, Lumped Parameter Models, Linearization of System Elements, Degrees of Freedom, Types of Restoration and Dissipation Mechanisms, Types of Excitation, Free Undamped Vibration of Single Degree of Freedom Systems, Determination of Natural Frequency)", Equivalent Inertia and Stiffness, Energy Method etc.

Course Objective

To understand the method of static force analysis and dynamic force analysis of mechanisms and to study the undesirable effects of unbalances in rotors and engines.

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