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Engineering Fracture Mechanics

Course Description

The two corner animations give the motivation, why you need to study Fracture Mechanics. There have been spectacular failures of structures, made of ductile material. They fail in a brittle fashion. The other two corner animations focus on the modeling issues in Fracture Mechanics. You have a crack and the crack faces are moving different in each of this. So, you have this as Mode I, this is opening up. This is sliding, this is known as mode II and this is a tearing action, this is called as mode III

Course Objective

The course covers the basic aspects of Engineering Fracture Mechanics. Spectacular failures that triggered the birth of fracture mechanics, Modes of loading, Classification as LEFM and EPFM, Crack growth and fracture mechanisms, Energy release rate, Resistance, Griffith Theory of fracture, Extension of Griffith Theory by Irwin and Orowan, R-Curve, Pop-in phenomena, Crack branching.

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