fluid mechanics

Kinematics of Machines

Course Description

The course under Theory of Machine-I has been designed to cover the basic concepts of kinematic aspects of mechanical machines and major parts used in running of the machines. The students will understand the basic concepts of machines and able to understand constructional and working features of important machine elements. The students should be able to understand various parts involved in kinematics of machines for different applications. The students shall also be able to understand requirements of basic machine parts which would help them to understand the design aspects of the machine parts.

Course Objective

In this course we going to learn about

  1. Breaks and dynamometers
  2. Inertia force analysis
  3. Governors
  4. Gyroscope
  5. Balancing
On the other hand, the model curriculum of Dynamics of Machines includes the following topic: a. Kinematics of Gears and Gear trains It is decided that the topics on dynamics listed above (i to v) will be covered in the course on Dynamics of Machines whereas the topic (a) above will be covered in Kinematics of Machines course.

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