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Micro and Smart Systems

Course Description

The course aims at providing a bird view and an introduction to the growing and increasingly strategic field of Smart Systems Integration. Multi-sensors and multi-actuator systems are becoming ubiquitous and can be in every walk of life. Smart Systems combine data processing with sensing, actuating and communication and are able to analyse complex situations, take autonomous decisions and be predictive. They take advantage of miniaturisation, are highly energy efficient or even energy-autonomous and can communicate with their peers and other systems. The course will describe the developments achieved in industry and academia with examples taken from various industrial sectors. Underlying technologies that enable such systems will be described alongside the production processes used for these technologies.

Course Objective

This interdisciplinary course not only gives an overview of the micro and smart systems technologies but also gives an in-depth understanding of the issues involved. It begins by answering the important question: why miniaturize? This is followed by a quick summary of a variety of sensors, actuators, and systems.

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