Theory & Practice of Rotor Dynamics

Course Description

With the evolving use of rotors into heavy machineries and other operations, it has become essential to know about these rotating shafts employed into heavy industrial applications. Due to the ever-increasing demand for more power and dynamics, the study of Rotor Dynamics is justified with this vast course. 

Course Objective

The core objective of this course is to help students understand the rotor dynamics of machines and identify their components to move ahead with selecting, analyzing and troubleshooting the shafts for better reliability. This course is intended to equip students through maximum of practical and hands-on training to work on specific machines.  It will also guide them through:

  1. Understanding the practical approach of vibration theories and various problems
  2. Understand the impact of rotor dynamics on different types of machineries
  3. Solve the critical problems related to speed and stability
  4. Build realistic rotor-dynamic models 

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