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Poker Theory and Analysis

Course Description

The Poker Theory and Analysis course is taught by professional poker player-turned Morgan Stanley trader Kevin Desmond and is a part of MIT’s Sloan business school open course ware. The course takes a broad based outlook at poker theory and applications of poker analysis to trading and investment management. 

The course is designed to apply the concept of Poker theory into real life management positions that can be key to decision making as well as understanding the reaction of others. It will help you in analyzing risks and rewards and teaches you how to keep yourself calm in the face of adversity, which can be effective in real world applications. 

Poker analysis techniques can be particularly helpful for students interested in stocks trading, management and leadership positions, investments, global markets and finance roles as it is aimed at creating the ability to take calculated risks under high pressure, high risk environments. The course will allow you to calculate odds using statistical probabilities and is designed to learn basic concepts and transfer them to real world learning. 

Course Objective

  • The course is designed to create an environment for study of poker theory without the need for real-money wagering/gambling.
  • It will help in developing the basic foundation for decision-making in poker.
  • The course will allow students to assess their own level of play and will also provide a framework for improvement.
  • It will give you an understanding of the current poker environment and how students can leverage talent for poker in other fields.

The course consists of 8 video lectures and covers the history of poker and how it relates to economics. Students will be given an opportunity to use Maths and applied theory to get better at playing poker. As a part of the course; MIT students were required to practice their poker skills and learning within online card rooms with fake money. 

The course content:

  • Basic Strategy
  • Analysis Techniques and Applications
  • Preflop Analysis
  • Tournament Play
  • Poker Economics
  • Game Theory
  • Decision Making

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