Computer Science-Computer Networks Training

Computer Science - Computer Networks

Course Description

Overview of OSI reference model. Topology design, Media Access Control Level, Services, Problems and protocols, Practical local area network design and implementation. IEEE LAN Standards, Logical Link Control protocols, HDLC, ALOHA, SLOTTED ALOHA, FDDI, Client Server model and related softwares.

Network Layer level services, problems and protocols. WAN, MAN, interconnection networks related softwares, TCP/IP, Novel NetWare, Routers, Bridges and Gateways their Practical implementation aspects. X.25, Internet and related softwares NETSCAPE and MOSAIC.

Transport layer, services, problems and their protocol. Brief functioning of upper layers, E-mail and other application. Faculty : Prof.S.Ghosh, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, I.I.T.,Kharagpur. Publisher/Courtesy: NPTEL

Course Objective

This course covers the following topics in 40 sessions.

Emergence of Networks & Reference Models, Network Topology, Physical Medium, Multiplexing (Sharing a Medium), Telecom Networks, Switches – I, Pocket Switches, SONET/SDH, Fiber Optic Components, Routing and Wavelength Assignment, Protection and Restoration, Multiple Access, Token Based Mac, Data Link Protocols, Error Control, Stop & Wait Protocol, Satellite Communication, Ethernet - CSMA/CD, Modern Ethernet, Local Internetworking, Cellular Networks, Wireless Network, ATM : Asynchronous Transfer Mode, ATM Signaling, Routing and LAN Emulation, Introduction to Routing, RIP - Distance Vector Routing, IP version 4, IP Version 6 & Mobile IP, UDP & Client Server, TCP, IP Multicasting, DHCP and ICMP, DNS & Directory, Congestion Control, QOS & Multimedia, Network Management, Security, FTP – SMTP, HTTP

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