Ocean Structures and Materials

Course Description

The course will give an overview of different types of ocean structures that are deployed in sea for exploiting oil, gas and minerals. It will provide a detailed understanding of various types of structural systems/forms that are constructed at different water depths for oil and gas exploration, coastal protection etc. Brief overview of various environmental loads acting of these structures will be discussed along with the structural action to counteract the encountered loads. The course will cover different types of materials that are used in the construction of ocean structures in marine environment along with their construction methodologies in brief. Guidelines associated with selection of materials for marine environment, problems associated with the material behavior in marine environment and various protection methods will also be highlighted. The course also shall introduce inspection and testing methods of ocean structures, repair and rehabilitation processes. The course is supported by lot of tutorials and FAQs to make the reader to understand the described concepts.

Course Objective

This Course covers following topics:- 

Introduction to different types of ocean structures- near shore structures, different structural systems of ocean structures namely: fixed, floating, compliant type, semi-submersibles etc. Types of environmental loads- structural action of ocean structures- planning guidelines and design principles- regulations and codes of practice- foundation of ocean structures- sea bed anchors- dredging methods and equipments. Different materials for marine applications: metals, concrete and other materials for marine environment- their characteristics, properties and selection guidelines. Problems associated with deterioration of materials in marine environment, their remedies and protection methods. Codes of practice. Inspection and testing of marine structures- methods and equipments- non-destructive techniques. Repair and rehabilitation of marine structures. structural health monitoring of marine structures.

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