structural analysis

Seakeeping & Manoeuvring

Course Description

Seakeeping : Regular water waves – definition of ship motions – single degree of freedom motions in regular waves – uncoupled heave, pitch and roll motions – coupled heave and pitch motions – irregular waves - description of long crested waves by 2D spectrum – ship motions in 2D irregular waves – description of short-crested sea – ship motions in 3D irregular waves – dynamic effects – deck-wetness, slamming, relative motions, sea-sickness etc. – added resistance in waves – roll stabilization

Course Objective

This course covers following topics:- 

Manoeuvring : Types of directional stability - linear equations of motions in horizontal plane – hydrodynamic derivatives – stability index – standard manoeuvres – turning circle, zigzag, pullout and spiral manoeuvres – roll during turn – experimental determination of hydrodynamic derivatives – straight-line, rotating arm and PMM experiments – description of control surface (rudder) – control derivatives

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