Business analytics course

Business Analytics

Course Description

The course defines the iterative exploration and investigation of the business performance during a certain period of time. The term analytics refers to a statistical measurement parameters for the evaluation of any subject matter. The course includes teaching the students multiple ways in which the performance levels of the business can be assessed and based on which further insights can be derived for the better working of a business. 

Course Objective

The core objective of the course is to teach students the different evaluation and assessment parameters that would help compare and understand the growth levels of a business. The course majorly aims at helping students formulate a statistical and measurable report of the business processes and performance. The course would help students:

  • Understand the term analytics in terms of business management
  • Understand the importance of business analytics
  • Facilitate a comparison scale for business performance
  • understand the basics of data driven decision making
  • Evaluate data in a measurable format.

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