C programing

Programming using C++

Course Description

C++ programming has been considered as one of the widely used programming languages that focus on attaining portability and structured design. Realizing the learning of C++ language as a prerequisite for aspiring computer science students, C++ programming course has been introduced with big emphasis on C++ fundamentals. 

Course Objective

The main purpose of this course is to get the students introduced to the major elements of the programming language, understand the fundamentals and come up with user-friendly C++ programs. The course is designed to give the students a hands-on experience of programming and help them to:

  • Understand how programming languages work with the data
  • Know how effective C++ programs are made
  • Learn about the functions, routines and methods of C++
  • Know the use of arguments and return values
  • Understand how to eliminate problems while programming
  • Develop excellent programming skills to become competent

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