Object Oriented Programming Using Python Training

Object Oriented Programming Using Python

Course Description

Python is a programming language. Python is a viable option today for any high performance computing. The syntax of the language is designed to be readable.

In fact, one recent study has shown Python to be the most commonly taught programming language in U.S. schools and is ranked second in the Top 10 Popular Programming Languages in 2015.

Python is a one-stop shop. There is a Python framework for pretty much anything, from web apps to data analysis. Python is often heralded as the easiest programming language to learn, with its simple and straightforward syntax. Python has risen in popularity due to Google's investment in it over the past decade.

Python is much better suited as a "glue " language, while Java is better characterized as a low-level implementation language. In fact, the two together make an excellent combination. Components can be developed in Java and combined to form applications in Python.

Course Objective

  • Identify basic building blocks of a programming language
  • Use built-in and user-defined functions Perform string manipulations
  • Manage files Store and manipulate data using dictionary and tuples
  • Create networked applications ? Work with Web services

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