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C Programming Tutorial For Beginners

Course Description

C is considered as one amongst the powerful and standard programming languages used to develop real time applications. Realizing the importance of C as a core subject for computer science and engineering students, this course is developed to offer a basic understanding of terminologies associated with C is a prerequisite for any learner which can take him/her to heights of programming expertise. 

Course Objective

The course is formulated in a way to offer all the concepts and effective executions of C. This course is aimed to adept the beginners with better understanding of C as a programming language right from scratch. With an aim to refresh the programming skills of students, this course aims to:

  • Explain the fundamentals of programming
  • Explain the process of programming for almost all types of platforms like- windows or Mac
  • Gaining knowledge of advanced terminologies associated with C
  • Offer better cross-platform development experience
  • Master C programming for a better programming future

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