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Foundations of Computational and Systems Biology

Course Description

The Foundations of Computational and Systems Biology course is offered by MIT Open Courseware. The course has been taken by Prof. Christopher Burge, Prof. David Gifford and Prof. Ernest Fraenkel. It includes guest lecturers from Prof George Church from Harvard, Doug Lauffenburger and Ron Weiss.  

Computational Systems Biology can help learners understand various overlapping fields including Informatics, Bio-Informatics, mathematical biology and more. The science uses biological data to develop algorithms and relations among various biological systems. Computational biology has become an important part of emerging technologies in the field of biology. Computational biology is described as the development and application of data analytics, computational simulations and mathematical modeling to study biological, behavioral and social systems. 

The goal of the course is to develop a perceptive of foundational methods in computational biology and help students understand the basis of a good portion of the research literature in the growing field of bio technology as well as gain exposure to more research in this emerging stream. 

Course Objective

Aim of the Course:

  • To help learners develop an understanding of foundational methods in computational systems biology
  • Students will get exposure to research in this field
  • To enable learners to contextualize and comprehend the basis of a good portion of the research literature in this growing field

The subjects covered in the course includes principles and methods used for sequence alignment, structural modeling, motif finding, structure prediction and network modeling, as well as currently emerging research areas in the field of computational and systems biology.

The program is meant for graduate students with a background in computer science or molecular biology. The course will be helpful to students looking for a career in biotechnology or higher studies in computational biology. Biotechnology is a dynamic industry that offers many opportunities for employment in different fields. 

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