interviewing skills

Interviewing Skills Part-I

Course Description

This course will cover the practical skills needed for successful interviewing and our reputation for effective recruitment training has been endorsed by many delegates. Those who have attended the course have described it as being productive, informative and focused. It allows delegates to understand the stages of carrying out interviews and shows them how to conduct an effective interview so that they are able to attract the best candidates and choose the best person for the job.

Course Objective

After completing this course, students will know how to: Identify the benefits of interviewing skills and the various types of interviews, define success factors, and identify the steps involved in writing and finalizing the success factors for a position, Establishing a plan for an interview and prepare an office for an interview, Handle an interview by developing an understanding of the various types of candidates, conduct an interview by following a specific structure, and use effective communication techniques when interviewing, Identify the types of bias, the steps involved in evaluating a candidate, and several criteria for ranking candidates, Identify the follow-up tasks that should be performed after an interview.

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