personality development

Personality Development

Course Description

This course starts with a basic introduction of personality. It then goes on to look at theories of personality development, the stages of development theories, key researchers in personality psychology, and the main influences on personality development. You will also delve into looking at basic personality traits, including values, beliefs, and nature versus nurture. You will learn about your own personality and how you can use that information in career choices and to make changes.

Course Objective

After successfully completing this course, students will be able to: 1. Develop successful Speaking Skills and Communicate effectively. 2. Develop Leadership qualities and increase Self – confidence. 3. Get an insight into Human Relations. 4. Get along with people and Team-Building. 5. Enhance career opportunities by Goal setting. 6. EXPRESS BETTER and IMPRESS BETTER. 7. SELL BETTER – Your IDEAS, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. 8. Develop an acceptable PERSONALITY

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