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Java Server Faces Hibernate and Spring

Course Description

Web development includes everything right from a simple data programming to generating a consumer focused and attractive website. With the growing importance of web development in almost all sectors, there have been configured several web development platforms to make the task easier and quicker. Java Server Faces or JFS is one amongst such web development platforms that help develop interesting and interactive User Interfaces for a website and thus is formulated in the form of a course. 

Course Objective

This JFS based course covers the process of programming JSF Web Applications, the process of integrating it with Spring Framework, and utilize the Hibernate Object framework to come up with flexible, functional and maintainable Java web based applications. With an aim to develop highly user friendly web applications, these three technologies are put together. This course focuses on:

  • Making the learners familiar with the JSF tags
  • Understand the need of the Spring framework
  • Understand the importance of increased flexibility and testability of Java based applications with integration of Spring & Hibernate
  • Understand the concepts of mapping
  • Generate Hibernate mappings
  • Learn Successful Integration of Spring with Hibernate framework
  • Learn usage of Hibernate Query Language

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