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Software Testing And Quality Assurance

Course Description

Today, businesses run on software and are severely impacted when software applications malfunction. Software applications, particularly those on the cloud, often serve millions of end-users. High availability and bug-free software applications are crucial to ensure customer satisfaction. Poorly performing software applications can severely erode the brand and business of an organisation. Thus, software testing is vital to ensure the quality of a software application before it is deployed in a data centre or released to customers. Further, software applications need to be updated regularly to keep pace with the changing business and user needs. Organisations find it difficult to implement manual testing processes every time a new feature is added or an existing feature is modified. Manual testing slows down the software development and increases the cost of development as well as the opportunity cost due to delayed deployment. Progressive organisations are adopting automated software testing tools to address these issues and speed up software quality assurance and testing processes. Therefore, these organizations require professionals with the required software testing skills who will help them deliver technologically advanced, innovative software products with high quality, on time, and within budget.

Course Objective

After completing the “Software Testing and Quality Assurance” course, the learner will be able to: Differentiate between quality assurance and quality control,Identify roles and responsibilities of a software tester , Explain the phases of the test planning process, Identify the various testing approaches and testing tools, Identify the activities and techniques involved in test case design and test management Identify the phases of acceptance testing, Identify steps in defect discovery and strategies to track defects Define error, defect, bug, fault, and failure, Identify the steps in risk management process and test effort estimation

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