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Course Description

Teaching in classrooms is no more banal when there are active learning exercises involved. This includes various teaching techniques in any of the courses that students take up. Quizzes, role playing, brainstorming newer ideas, etc, are a few techniques encouraged in actively learning a subject. Memorizing data without understanding the various aspects of the subject cannot give a complete hold or expertise over the subject. Debates and many other active listening techniques enhance the problem solving and analytical skills of the students. Creating models and stories to explain any subject drives students to actively participate in the learning process. This course on teaching gives a profound perspective on teaching and learning.

Teaching courses are umpteen. The right kind of teaching technique can spruce up even the most mundane subjects and keep the students engaged. Dry subjects where numbers, facts, and logic are involved, for instance, could become stressful after a while if learning activities are not inculcated. This course encourages the teachers to introduce these techniques in their teaching courses so that the students retain their attention span and learn the subject well. 

Course Objective

Techniques to actively engage students in learning any subject are one of the main objectives of this course. In these series of videos you will learn how to transition from a guide to a coach. Coaching a student involves helping students make changes in their personality and enhance their capabilities rather than teach them the subject alone.  For teachers who want to make their teaching effective, this course is for you. You will learn from listening to these videos the techniques on how to keep the students engaged and bring out the best in them. Core objectives of this course are to ensure:

  • Your observational and analytical skills to understand the focus span of the students
  • Knowing when to stop and address specific problems while teaching
  • Tips on positions to take so you can observe the entire class while teaching
  • Understanding when to encourage group learning in a class
  • Tips on challenging individual students to their best competencies in a group
Feedback techniques to enhance the scope of improvement

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