Teaching:The Current Events Assignment

Course Description

Learning through experience adds more value to the entire process of teaching and learning. Teachers in universities and institutions now use educational technology to boost the student’s learning experience. This experience is generated through discussions, debates, and many such activities. Learning is different from knowing. Gathering information and having complete knowledge about a subject are two different things. This course throws light on the nuances of learning as an experience rather than compiling information and retaining it. 

Course Objective

This course helps individuals in the teaching profession learn about how to create an impactful learning experience for their students. A rather radical approach that is effective, and fences the old school way of learning a subject. This new wave of teaching restores Sir Ben Johnson’s take on learning in one of his essays on the same subject. He always viewed knowledge and learning in a different light and not a mere resource that helps in survival. Passion for learning goes beyond collecting information. This course outlines this very thought. From this course you will learn:

  • To create a learning experience for students
  • Understand the personality of students and provide them individualistic training
  • Create worksheets and workshops where students gain practical experience
  • Recognizing how to train talkers and listeners differently
  • Create opportunities to bring out the true potential of students

Course content

These series of two to three minute videos shows the significance of how letting students experiencing through practical activities is more impactful than lecturing them about the subject. Importance of using models and techniques to make students think instead of memorizing information in the subject is illustrated in this course. These techniques help students learn on their own and develop individualistic thinking pattern. Students are encouraged to develop their own thoughts and opinions about the current events and discuss it in the class. This helps them develop their own perspective about any current event and not go with the flow. The educational technology encourages students to use the online space responsibly to express their thoughts and ideas on the current events. This involves asking and formatting questions and responses. 

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