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Implementing AutoTesting using Visual Studio 2012

Course Description

As test cases and the underlying application being tested mature, you may want to convert manual tests into fully automated user interface tests. These tests can be run without manual intervention and can quickly alert developers to possible regressions in functionality. In this video, the audience will learn how coded user interface (UI) tests in Visual Studio 2012 provide a solution for automating user interface tests.

Course Objective

  • Explain the Microsoft testing environment
  • Identify various testing techniques
  • Ensure code quality using Unit Tests by:
    1. Creating and executing a unit test for an executable
    2. Implementing code coverage analysis
  • Do performance testing using Web tests by performing the following tasks:
    1. Create a Web performance test for the first time
    2. Run the Web performance test
    3. Implement custom rules in a Web test
    4. Use Web Performance test request properties
    5. Promote dynamic parameters
    6. Apply validation and extraction rules and context parameters
  • Do performance testing with load tests by performing the following tasks:
    1. Create a load test
    2. CUse load test agents and controller
    3. CRun a load test
    4. CStore performance data in a database
    5. CRun a load test with different browsers and bandwidths
    6. CUnderstand load test results
  • Do functional testing with coded UI by performing the following tasks:
    1. Create the coded UI test for Windows applications
    2. Create the coded UI test for Web applications
    3. Use the coded UI test builder
    4. Validate coded UI tests
    5. Use the UI control locator
    6. Create data?driven coded UI tests
    7. Create and execute manual, generic, and ordered tests

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